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Rolling Stock Integrated Systems

Our expertise ensures that your rolling stock is outfitted with the finest in technology and efficiency.
Canadian Railway Services
Our methods
How CRWS can help with your rolling stock integrated systems
  • System Modifications: Enhancing the functionality and efficiency of rolling stock with upgrades to electrical systems, HVAC, and other crucial systems.
  • Equipment Attachment: Expertly attaching and integrating essential equipment to improve operational capabilities and safety.
  • Interior Design: Redesigning interiors to optimize space, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, tailored to the specific needs of passengers and operational requirements.
Canadian Railway Services
What makes us unique
A partnership that exceeds expectations
We ensure every client feels heard, understood, and valued, turning complex projects into seamless experiences with outcomes that not only meet but surpass objectives.
At CRWS, our distinction lies in our commitment to exceptional communication, delivering results that exceed expectations, and providing service that goes beyond the ordinary.
Over-the-Top Service
Our dedication to over-the-top service means we're not just your service provider; we're your committed partner in rolling stock excellence.
Strong Business Relationships
Whether through mutual respect and shared goals or a focus on collaborative partnerships, we're committed to nurturing lasting connections that pave the way for collective success.
Canadian Railway Services
Provinces served
Our operations across Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Newfoundland—from Sept-Îles to Kamloops—demonstrate our commitment to meeting client needs and maintaining excellence nationwide.
Railcars we helped revamp
With over 10 clients and more than 180+ railcars that we have revamped, safety on the rails is our number 1 priority.
Engineering hours
We've dedicated over 40,000 engineering hours to a diverse array of client projects, highlighting our extensive experience and commitment to excellence.
How CRWS is helping other clients
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