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Ontario Northland: Welding support and engineering design

Adding an extended deck for the transport of wide loads
Design Engineering
Canadian Railway Services

CRWS engineered a custom extended deck to facilitate the transportation of wide loads, including excavators, along ONR’s line. This innovation supports vital infrastructure projects, such as the construction of a new hospital in Northern Ontario, enhancing our commitment to regional development and logistical excellence.

Project Scope

  • Deliver ongoing CWB-certified welding support to ensure structural integrity and compliance.
  • Develop an efficient and robust design to extend the deck, enhancing its capacity to transport heavy, wide loads safely and effectively.

How did CRWS help?

The equipment being transported was significantly heavier and wider than standard items. CRWS not only devised a solution but also proactively identified potential clearance issues along the route. Employing best practices, our team meticulously ensured that all over-width shipments would navigate through specific track sections and overpasses without incident. As engineering progressed, it became apparent that the initial solution required refinement, leading to a necessary redesign. This adaptation demanded considerable resources from CRWS. Despite these challenges, we successfully delivered the final product on schedule and within the original budget, maintaining our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Advanced engineering support

This project required strict adherence to established standards and specifications to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. We adopted a multistep approach to achieve this:

  • Review and Understand Regulations: We began by thoroughly reviewing and understanding all applicable regulations to ensure a solid foundation for the project.
  • Design Compliance: Our designs were meticulously crafted to meet these regulations, ensuring that every aspect of the project remained compliant.
  • Engineering and Practical Application: We carried out engineering that not only met the project’s requirements but also aligned with the applicable regulations. Along the way, we applied common sense to navigate and address any practical challenges efficiently.

This structured approach enabled us to deliver a project that was both compliant and optimally designed for its intended purpose.

What the future holds

ONR was pleased with the engineering and design outcomes of the platforms. To ensure continued client satisfaction, CRWS actively engaged in follow-ups at several stages throughout the procurement and installation processes. This proactive approach helped maintain a high level of client satisfaction and ensured seamless project execution.

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