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Rio Tinto: Feasibility study of Rule 88

CRWS conducted an in-depth feasibility study for extending the lifespan of a fleet of hopper cars
Fleet Support Inspection
Canadian Railway Services

Rio Tinto faced challenges with cars nearing their regulated end of life and sought to explore the feasibility of securing an extended service life from the AAR. CRWS conducted thorough inspections of these cars, identifying structural cracks and providing detailed budgetary estimates for repairs. Additionally, we offered expert opinions on optimal fleet management strategies to ensure both compliance and operational effectiveness.

Project Scope

  • Provide information to allow the client to make an informed decision regarding fleet management.  
Canadian Railway Services

How does CRWS help?

Inspecting freight cars presents a complex challenge, balancing client profits with inherent risks. CRWS upheld the highest standards of professionalism and provided a clear, effective solution to the client. We offered Rio Tinto a range of repair options, complete with budgetary estimates, enabling them to make well-informed decisions. These solutions were designed to adhere strictly to safety standards while also considering the financial bottom line, demonstrating our commitment to delivering both secure and economically viable outcomes.

Advanced Inspection Techniques

Advanced, specialized inspection techniques were employed to accurately detect and identify flaws in the materials or structures under examination.

What the future holds

CRWS provided expert guidance to Rio Tinto, helping them make well-informed decisions regarding their freight cars. Ultimately, Rio Tinto chose to suspend operations of the cars until necessary repairs could be completed, ensuring maximum safety. This cautious, safety-first strategy not only protected operational integrity but, more importantly, safeguarded the public at large. This decision underscores our commitment to upholding the highest safety standards in every aspect of our operations.

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