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Fleet Inspection for Safety

CRWS performed a detailed structural inspection of 75 cars over 7 weeks
Fleet Support Inspection
Canadian Railway Services

Upon identifying critical structural deficiencies, CRWS swiftly deployed a highly skilled team of five experts to execute targeted structural repairs within a stringent deadline. Collaborating closely with the Rocky Mountaineer mechanical team, CRWS provided detailed budgetary estimates and essential insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

Project Scope

The project scope encompassed a comprehensive fleet inspection focused on ensuring safety, facilitating capital expenditure planning, and providing essential guidance for strategic fleet management decisions. This thorough evaluation aimed to optimize operational integrity and financial planning for the fleet.

  • Provide a comprehensive structural assessment of the fleet.  
  • Provide support for the mechanical team to make informed decisions.  
  • Provide emergency repair services.  
  • Provide key industry insight and share business knowledge.  
Canadian Railway Services Rocky Mountaineer train yard in beautiful Kamloops, British Columbia

How did CRWS help?

This project presented a significant challenge due to the firm deadline for returning the cars to service. To meet this deadline, we adopted logistics strategies inspired by the Canadian Army, enabling us to mobilize resources with utmost efficiency. Upon detecting critical defects, we swiftly deployed a specialized team to conduct the necessary structural repairs externally. The team committed to intensive 10-hour shifts, seven days a week, over four weeks, guaranteeing the project’s successful completion within the tight timeframe.

Advanced Inspection Techniques

We employed a proprietary problem-solving methodology, partially inspired by techniques from the Canadian Armed Forces, ensuring swift and effective resolution of challenges. Additionally, our use of specialized equipment, combined with advanced inspection techniques, allowed for a thorough and precise assessment of the project needs.

“Their passion for service and commitment to delivering a high caliber product for their clients is palpable. I see a bright future and partnership with their growing team.”
Canadian Railway Services
Robert Mensinger
Director, Mechanical (Canada) at Rocky Mountaineer

What the future holds

As we move forward, the enduring partnership between CRWS and Rocky Mountaineer continues to strengthen. Our collaboration is rooted in a mutual commitment to excellence and innovation in fleet management. Together, we are dedicated to achieving sustained success and operational efficiency, ensuring that Rocky Mountaineer remains at the forefront of the transportation industry.

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