Canadian Railway Services

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Engineering and design services for the rail industry

Canadian Railway Services is a consulting engineering firm specialized in railway rolling stock. Our team has expertise in design and repair of car structures and related equipment. CRWS can provide a multitude of design and engineering support and solutions. From car interior design to onsite inspections, CRWS can get the job done.

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Our team’s mission is to ensure the safety of the rail industry by providing services that use best engineering practices and principles, as well as making sure those services are accessible to all.

CRWS strives to offer a complete service, including inspection, design, detailed studies, engineering analysis and manufacturing through our well-established suppliers.

We strive to be on time, on budget and on track!


Our vision is that rail travel becomes prestigious, affordable and respected as a transit method. This can be achieved by providing value added services, keeping the public’s trust, and ensuring that the industry is held to the highest standards and values. Rail transport is the most efficient way to send and receive goods; it will play a key role in the development of a sustainable future. Transformation must happen today for a better tomorrow.

The Canadian rail industry should become a North American leader in technology and solutions that require thinking outside the box.

CRWS wishes to be a driving force behind these upgrades and transformations by being innovative, dedicated and to lead by example.

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