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Custom Airstream: Engineering Support

Engineering support for high-quality modifications on Airstream trailers
Design Engineering Support
Canadian Railway Services

CRWS delivers ongoing support to the Custom Airstream production team, offering expert assistance in interior layouts, production drawings, and engineering services. Our adaptable approach provides a significant advantage, perfectly aligning with Custom Airstream’s dynamic needs for evolving and highly customized specialty products. This flexibility ensures that every Custom Airstream project is executed to the highest standards of precision and innovation.

Project Scope

  • Provide a flexible engineering team which responds to a fluctuating need for design services.
  • Enhance the client’s products by using engineering methods.
  • Provide key industry insight and share business knowledge.
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How does CRWS help?

CRWS implemented rigorous engineering principles and best practices to tailor a specialized approach for this unique client. By automating repetitive elements and enabling multiple design iterations for custom elements, we significantly expedited the design process. In the fast-paced world of custom fabrication, where speed and efficiency are paramount, CRWS maintained close collaboration with the Custom Airstream team. This partnership ensured the delivery of optimal solutions promptly, meeting our commitment to excellence and timely execution in every project.

Advanced engineering support

3D modeling software and parametric design enable the rapid creation of models by simply inputting basic variables. This technology streamlines the design process, allowing for swift adjustments and iterations based on evolving project requirements.

Canadian Railway Services CRWS & Custom Airsteam Team

What the future holds

CRWS offers ongoing, flexible support tailored to the evolving needs of Custom Airstream. Our ability to scale our services up or down in response to the client’s current requirements allows for efficient management of larger projects while also controlling costs during periods with less engineering and design activity. This adaptable approach ensures that we provide value and maintain efficiency, regardless of project size or complexity.

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