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Structural Modifications and Repair

Canadian Railway Services has specific knowledge in carbody structural repair and modification. Trains are subject to wear from corrosion, rust and use. CRWS has the expertise to design structural repairs for all types of damage. No issue is too big or too small and every issue has a solution. Sometimes it is necessary to retrofit cars with new equipment or to modify existing equipment. Canadian Railway services Inc. has experience with modifying car body structure to install, retrofit, or remove heavy equipment items.

All designs are backed by proper engineering analysis using classical engineering approaches as well as modern Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design software. Complete or abridged reports are provided upon request.

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Equipment Attachment

The design of equipment attachment must ensure safety, be reliable, and be efficient. The design must meet all applicable regulations and laws that govern train transport. Canadian Railway Services can ensure that all factors are studied and that all requirements are met. 

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CRWS offers design services to the rail industry. We use state of the art software to capture our clients needs, transform them into a 3D space and produce precise construction and installation drawings. This allows for a dynamic design that can adapt rapidly and produce results quickly. CRWS uses software such as Solidworks, Autocad and Fusion 360 among others to accomplish all sorts of drafting and design projects.

CRWS offers modification services for existing designs and repurposing existing equipment.

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Rolling Stock Inspection

CRWS can oversee the inspection of car body structure and entire fleets. Based on the results of the inspections, recommendations can be made that will aid in life cycle management, car aging studies and safety assessments. A strong equipment maintenance and life cycle plan is important for ensuring fleet longevity and company growth.

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Workshop Consultation

CRWS has very strong knowledge of workshop best practices, tooling, heavy equipment maintenance, jigs, and fixtures. Site audits can identify areas where improvements in process, tooling and methods can be improved. This improves overall efficiency, safety and profitability of a shop.

CRWS offers modification services for existing designs and repurposing existing equipment.