About Us

About Canadian Railway Services Inc.

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“Thank you for taking your time to visit my website. Please allow me tell you a couple of things about myself and my background.

I take pride in doing what I do and doing it well. My reputation is important to me as is being honest and transparent. Engineering has always been a passion of mine, even from an early age. Growing up, I always had one hand in grease and the other on a tool. Even to this day, my wife laments that I can’t keep a shirt clean!

I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Engineering in 2014 and quickly accepted a position in a consulting firm specialized in railway engineering; I’ve always liked heavy equipment. Thanks to an excellent mentor, I quickly learned the ropes and worked on many varied projects, quickly improving my experience. I then accepted another position in a major Canadian railway company. This was an excellent experience overall, and had an even steeper learning curve, allowing me to see the rail industry from the point of view of an operator.

I quickly realized that there was a niche for a company that could provide railway engineering services, and this is where Canadian Railway Services was born.”  – James Marks, Founder

Experts in what we do

Canadian Railway Services Inc. was founded in Montreal, Quebec Canada in 2021. However, do not let the age of the company fool you! CRWS are experts in what we do. Our staff has many years of specific industry experience under their belts and a desire to please. CRWS has the tools and knowledge to always deliver as promised.

We believe that doing business should be simple, pleasurable, and straightforward. With this mindset, we can offer more for less and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Working at CRWS

When it comes to employment, CRWS places a lot of emphasis on a person’s special characteristics. Each person is important and must feel validated, supported, and encouraged to have an excellent work-life balance. Luckily, in the field of engineering and design, this is an easily attainable goal. Remote work, down time and schedule flexibility are among the tools we use to promote a healthy working environment. Of importance is also a sense of validation, recognition, and success, and this is achieved when a client is satisfied with the work produced. There is no better validation than a happy customer!